Why do I get "Your subscription has expired!" error?

If you receive this error it is because you are using a version of the API that was released outside your subscription period. If you have recently renewed your support with SSHTOOLS Limited please get a copy of your latest license and install this in your source code to use the latest jar files.

Our products allow you to use a license with any version of the product that was released on or before your license creation date + one year.  

The license will not need to be replaced as long as you continue to ship your solution with a jar file that was release within a year of the license creation date. Any attempt to use a jar file that was released after this period will result in a subscription expired error. We have designed it this way so that when you test and release a version of your product with our API you can be sure that the license will remain to function and not expire. It's only when you upgrade our jar files that you need to ensure you are using the most recent license.

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