We use the old J2SSH software and see connection/file transfer errors

Q:   We currently use the old J2SSH software to do SFTP and see connection/file transfer errors. We just want to know if J2ssh Maverick will be able to handle this issue that we have and does not suffer from the same problems?

A:   J2SSH Maverick is a complete rewrite so shares very little code with the old J2SSH software (in fact what code is shared is limited to utility classes). We have also constantly maintained the API since its launch over 8 years ago, whereas the old J2SSH software has hardly been maintained in that time.

Maverick is used in many mission critical production environments at well known blue chip companies, we have not had reports of errors like this for a long time. And be rest assured that if you do use Maverick; any problems should they arise will be dealt with swiftly.

Please download our evaluation and try it out with your solution, we are confident you will not experience the same problems that your having with J2SSH.

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