Configuring which JCE is used for all or individual algorithms

The Maverick APIs will use your System's preferred JCE provider. It is possible to override this by calling a few methods on the JCEComponentManager.

You can initialize a default provider to use for all algorithms using:

JCEComponentManager.initializeDefaultProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider());

Alternatively if you need to use a specific Provider for a specific Algorithm you can set this using

JCEComponentManager.initializeProviderForAlgorithm(JCEAlgorithms.JCE_AESCTRNOPADDING, new BouncyCastleProvider());

If you are using our 1.4 server API then you need to use JCEServerComponentManager in the above examples. The 1.4 client and 1.6 client and server APIs share JCEComponentManager.

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