Maverick Legacy Client 1.6.10 Released

J2SSH Maverick 1.6.10 - Sept 14, 2015


  • Optimisation on SFTP block size so that it takes into account subsystem and SFTP packet overhead to ensure each SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA packet fully utilise the channels maximum packet length.
  • Support for hmac-ripemd160, message authentications.
  • Support for Encrypt then Mac message authentications,,,

Bug Fixes

  • Session using startShell is still logging commands which should only be logged if maverick.verbose property is set.
  • ECDSA keys cannot be loaded if another JCE exists that processed EC keys and has a higher priority in security configuration*
  • ECSDA public key compare using equals fails even when they represent the same public key*
  • Key exchange synchronisation potentially causes deadlock.
  • Window size defaults changed, session channel for shell/command has smaller window size 128k + 32k packet. SFTP has 2G window size and slightly larger packet than 32k to prevent 32k data packets being fragmented by the connection protocol.
  • Ensure enough key data is available for the size of the cipher or mac*
  • Handle IOException/EOFException from local stream as non-fatal cancellation of transfer. Throw TransferCancelledException to indicate state to calling application.
  • Removed erroneous code from ScpClient.
  • SftpStatusException message includes status code translation and message from server. Only show both if the strings do not match.


* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.0 which is included in this release.


For users combining both our client and server APIs in the same classpath you should ensure that both versions of the API used are compatible with a maverick-common version of 1.1.0.
If for any reasons you just use a single product and ship the individual jar files you should ensure you ship the maverick-common 1.1.0 version included in this release.

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