Maverick Legacy Server 1.6.13 Released

SSHD Maverick 1.6.13 - Sept 14, 2015


  • Optional events EVENT_SFTP_FILE_READ, EVENT_SFTP_FILE_WRITE for SFTP read/write operations. Enable via SshContext setSFTPReadWriteEvents method.
  • DirectFile implementation returns native file attributes if running in Java 7+ environment.
  • New authentication idle timeout option added to allow different idle timeouts depending on connection state.
  • Plumbed in ShellPolicy and ForwardingPolicy to replace functionality provided by AccessManager interface.
  • Added IPPolicy implementation to replace canConnect functionality provided by AccessManager interface.
  • Added getRequiredMechanisms method to AuthenticationMechanismFactory to replace getRequiredAuthentications functionality provided by AccessManager interface.
  • To help protect against Logjam new setting of minimum Diffie Hellman prime size added with default value of 2048 bites.
  • Moved some logging statements to verbose mode to make reading log files easier.
  • RFC 6187 RSA certificate of 2048 bits supporting SHA256WithRSA signature added*
  • Added getMappedFile method to VirtualMappedFile to enable access to actual file.
  • Support for hmac-ripemd160, message authentications.
  • Support for Encrypt then Mac message authentications,,,
  • Allow revert to old (broken) behaviour to return all supported authentication mechanisms on partial authentication. Set system property -Dmaverick.oldMethodsToContinue=true

Bug Fixes

  • Improved sendChannelDataAndBlock method to ensure data has been written to socket. Previously a rare race condition exists which could see the queued data overwritten before it was transferred to the channel data message.
  • Fixed synchronisation in SocketForwardingChannel after discovering deadlock.
  • ECDSA keys cannot be loaded if another JCE exists that processed EC keys and has a higher priority in security configuration*
  • Session channel fails to kill ScpCommand if its still active on session close.
  • AbstractDirectFile fields changed to protected for better extension support.
  • Extracted RandomAccessImpl to public class with protected fields for better extension support.
  • AbstractFileSystem renameFile would allow non-writable files to be renamed.
  • Open file event not being fired from SFTP subsystem.
  • Ensure enough key data is available for the size of the cipher or mac.
  • SFTP v4 text mode does not ignore read/write offset as specified by SFTP specification.
  • AbstractFileFactory processEvent was not plumbed into SftpSubsystem events.
  • AbstractFileSystem consumes AbstractFile.close IOException.
  • SFTP long name file listing format does not include day of month.
  • SFTP error events do not contain exception. 
  • For clarity call getDefaultPath instead of getFile("") in AbstractFileSystem.
  • VFSFile does not process last modified time correctly. 
  • AbstractFileSystem only checks writable flag in AbstractFile if file exists.

* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.0 which is included in this release.


For users combining both our client and server APIs in the same classpath you should ensure that both versions of the API used are compatible with a maverick-common version of 1.1.0.
If for any reasons you just use a single product and ship the individual jar files you should ensure you ship the maverick-common 1.1.0 version included in this release.

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