Maverick Legacy Server 1.6.15 Released

SSHD Maverick 1.6.15 - Jan 13, 2016


  • Adding missing method to getExtendedAttribute and hasExtendedAttribute to SftpFileAttributes.
  • Increased session channel maximum channel packet to 34000 bytes.

Bug Fixes

  • Added suitable constructor to UnsupportedSession, VirtualShell, NativeSession to allow session variables to be changed.
  • Mixed use of AuthenticationMechansimFactory and AccessManager can cause required authentication to be changed during authentication.
  • Previous changes to X509 certificate support removed SHA256 certificates from x509v3-sign-rsa implementation specified in since it was only supposed to support SHA1. Added backwards compatibility -Dmaverick.backwardCompatibleSHA2=true mode to allow implementations to re-introduce this issue if they require the old behaviour
  • NPE in shutdown when shutdown hook is not set.
  • Diffie Hellman Group Exchange methods fail to return the size requested.
  • Improved JCEComponentManager startup to ensure existing BC provider does not prevent DH algorithm configuration.*
  • Improved JCEComponentManager startup logging.*


* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.2 which is included in this release.

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