Maverick Legacy Server 1.6.17 Released

SSHD Maverick 1.6.17 - Mar 14, 2016


  • Ability to set name of PasswordKeyboardInteractiveProvider that is passed to client in keyboard-interactive operation.
  • Added implementation of subsystem.
  • Ability to set maximum DH prime value for key exchange.

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic buffer fails to resize to required size causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException*
  • Virtual shell should support bash type last exit code variable $?
  • Cannot set backlog option on listening interface.
  • Deadlock on socket write due to writeMessageIntoBuffer placement within kexlock synchronized block. 
  • Change to long name date format breaks scripts expecting specific format. Format has been revered and made configurable.
  • Channel data deadlock if connection closes due to network error.

* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.3 which is included in this release.

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