Maverick Legacy Client 1.6.16 Released

J2SSH Maverick 1.6.16 - Mar 30, 2016


  • SshClient now supports storing attributes for variables connected with the current ssh connection. 
  • Added SshClientListener interface for general callback of useful client events such as authenticated, executedCommand, startedShell etc.
  • Added SshClientAdapter to allow cut down implementation of SshClientListener
  • SshSession getTerm method added. Returns the terminal type of any pseudo terminal successfully attached to the session. May return null.

Bug Fixes

  • SftpClientFactory in Maverick VFS provider includes missing StringUtils dependency.
  • Fix to filter erroneous banner/message can go into infinite loop. 
  • EOLProcessor duplicates character if stray CR is found when processing CRLF*
  • Missing SshClient and SshSession attributes from session events.

* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.4 which is included in this release.

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