Maverick Legacy Server 1.6.19 Released

SSHD Maverick 1.6.19 - May 19, 2016


  • ChannelOutputStream implementation for a server Channel. 
  • SessionChannel now supports agent forwarding request. Override requestAgentForwarding to implement agent forwarding.
  • When a connection is disconnected due to idle connection the socket state is not correctly returned to the Selector causing the SelectionKey to never be cancelled.
  • VirtualShell commands can ignore fixed Option parsing.
  • Connection is now available to access through ThreadLocal storage using ConnectionManager.getInstance().getConnection(). 
  • Execute threads using Connection.executeTask to make it Connection aware and executed on the installed ExecutorService. 

Bug Fixes

  • AbstractFileSystem does not check writable permission on parent in makeDirectory.
  • AbstractFileSystem does not check readable permission on file in openDirectory.
  • Authorized key implementations should ignore OpenSSH specific options at beginning of key line.
  • UnsupportedSession does not close channel correctly.
  • SSHCOM private RSA keys fail to authenticate*
  • SshContext maximum concurrent transfer setting had wider implications due to its restriction on the number of threads supported by ExecutorService and has been refactored to remove this limitation.
  • DataBlock notified boolean made volatile.
  • Skip options in OpenSSH public key file*  

* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.5 which is included in this release.  

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