Changing the HTTP/S ports

This article instructs you how to change the HTTP and/or HTTPS ports used by the SSH Gateway before the server is started. 


Step 1. Edit

Locate the configuration file which is located in the $HOME/conf folder. $HOME will typically be one of the following locations, or maybe different if you changed the default installation path during your installation.

Linux: /opt/ssh-gateway

WIndows: C:\Program Files\SSH Gateway

 Open the file in your chosen text editor and edit the following properties changing the port numbers to your chosen configuration



Step 2. Restart the service

You can now restart the service using your operating systems service manager.



This artucle provided you with a wlak through of changing the HTTP and HTTPS ports using the configuration file. If you changed the file with the service still running the change will only take effect after you have restarted the gateway service. 

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