Uninstalling the SSH Gateway on OSX


This articles helps you uninstall the SSH Gateway from your OSX server. 


Step 1. Run Uninstall Application

When you installed the SSH Gateway an Uninstall application was included in the installation. To run this open up a terminal and cd into the installation directory, which by default is /var/ssh-gateway. You may have changed this during the installation process.

Execute the command

sudo open SSH\ Gateway\ Uninstaller.app/


When requested, enter your password to raise the privileges. You may find this happens twice, once on the command line and again when the uninstaller starts.


Run through the uninstaller prompts

Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_20.56.48.png  Screen_Shot_2015-08-25_at_20.56.55.png


Step 2. Cleanup Files

At the end you may see a message stating some files could not be deleted.


If you see this, Click Finish and then go back to the terminal and execute the following commands, changing the path where necessary if you originally installed into a non-default path.

cd /var/
sudo rm -rf ssh-gateway




This article has shown you how to fully uninstall the SSH Gateway service from your OSX server.

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