Terminal Components 2.1.3 Released


  • Added NullDisplay for situations where TerminalEmulation is required without an actual display.
  • Added createVirtualTerminal in AbstractWebTerminalSession to allow immediate customization of the WebVirtualTerminal.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed char > 255 warning log to INFO level to avoid log spam.
  • Replace zeros in selection content with spaces so copy to clipboard works.
  • Clear selection if it is scrolled off top of buffer.
  • Only scroll selection if buffer is full.
  • Special handling for Ctrl+(a-z).
  • Include Tab and Escape in the list of keys excluded from Crtl key detection.
  • Width and height wrong way around in maverick transport.
  • Treat ALT+GR as modifier key.
  • Key typed event not handled in Swing component.
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