Maverick Legacy Server 1.6.24 Released


  • SshContext option to enable check required authentications for each authentication attempt to replicate previous behavior of 1.4 server.
  • Added DaemonListener interface and DaemonAdapter for Daemon state feedback.

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnect immediately on protocol message violation.
  • Empty subsystem message handling is unclear.
  • Handle unknown message id with unsupported operation status.
  • SFTP extended operation case does not break from switch statement.
  • Large maximum packet size causes BufferOverflowException in SFTP subsystem.
  • SFTP subsystem should throw error when processing data and session is closed.
  • PuTTY private key file should use AES CBC cipher directly and not use supported ciphers ComponentFactory.* 

* Requires upgrade to maverick-common 1.1.9 which is included in this release.

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